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Fantasy Chess hello

Chess is THE classic game.  There is a huge history and emotions attached to it.  It can be intimidating.  People have heard and got into their mind that its a high-brow contest of wills and deep strategy.  And it can be. 

It can be played deep as Bobby Fischer.  But it can also be played light and a fun romp.  And after many games, some people lose interest in it because they can't win or it becomes repetitious.

Thus, variations started to be made.  There is a long tradition of chess variants.  

I have made Fantasy Chess to appeal to those players who want to add the aspect of combat to their traditional chess game without changing the movements or the 64 square board.  

You move your pieces and move into normally.  Then you fight for the square using dice and a statistic sheet to keep track of injury if the piece isn't killed outright.  You can also co-occupy a square, which means you can move your back row through your front row. This simple concept opens up the entire board.  Those two concepts make up the core rules of Fantasy Chess.

Traditionalists tend not to like probability added to the strictly methodical chess.  That is why I emphasize that this is a Variant.  The traditionalist can still have pure chess, while those who want a little more wargaming simulation can play this.

I've found that reading about the game or even looking at it at a convention doesn't give you the impact of the game.  Its one of those things where you need to play it to GROK It (understand it).  Which doesn't help you, unless you're one of the lucky ones who've tried it.  So I have a YouTube video of some of the players' enthusiasm for it.   

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