Chess sets - Goblins

Below are 15mm Goblin figures without bases and without Castles.  Use this name when ordering these one of a kind sets.  (Mongrel armies are mixed raced armies.)

What is being sold here are the remainders of the proto-type sets.  You are buying good "as is" metal miniature pieces.  They are primered, ready for painting.  A few pieces may have broken arms or missing parts.  In rare instances, some miniatures you receive might not match those shown in photo.

Goblin A       [red bases and primered rooks not shown]    $17

Goblin A copy------------------------------------------------------------------

Goblin B       $6.50

Goblin B copy


Goblin C       $6

Goblin C copy


Goblin/Orc    $6

Goblin-Orc copy


HobGob/Mongrel    $7

HobGob-Mongrel copy


Note:  This is a clearance of the 15mm Proto-type Fantasy Chess Chess Sets. 

Figures come from various manufacturers and is not an endorsement of any particular one.

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