Expansion Sets

Fantasy Chess Expansion Set #1

Tournament Play comes with the original rulebook.  These rules allow you to make your chess game into a CAMPAIGN.  Continuity in a Chess Game?  The winner can declare his survivors "Veterans" and they go up  a rank into the next game.


Fantasy Chess Expansion Set #2

4 Player Game

With this expansion set, you will be able to have four player games.  You need nothing more than these rules and two Fantasy Chess sets and boards.  You and your ally have full use of 2 boards.  Checkmate or bludgeon your two enemies across the field.


These are future Expansion Sets

Other Expansions

Chess is a war of attrition with nothing but a victory to show for it.  Soon you can fight for glory, plunder and land.  Campaign games too.  (Campaigns are several Fantasy Chess games played in sequence in which there is a larger goal than the individual game and pieces can improve at the end of each game.)

Now that you have your Fantasy Chess Orc Army (Fantasy Chess chess sets purchaseble in the near future through Shadow Hex Games), what makes it different from that Dwarf Army opposing you?

Racial Characteristics, magic and technology, additional characteristics for piece class, tailoring individual pieces, new pieces with movements are in the works.

War Chess, Space Chess and more, really expand the possibilities!

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