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Fantasy Chess® Combat - Don't just automatically take that square - FIGHT FOR IT!


A Chess game where
your Knights can charge from Castles,
Bishops can heal the injured,
Six piece battles can be fought in a square,
and you can bludgeon a King to death!

Get your copy of the Fantasy Chess rules here.

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What is Fantasy Chess?

Fantasy Chess     is a blend of Traditional Chess and miniatures or role-playing game mechanics where you can co-occupy squares and use dice to determine capture outcomes.

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Orc Queen and retinue assault two Dwarven Castles.


Any age can cheer the bludgeoning of a King.

When was the last time you heard a chess player cheer their capture?

If you have ever wanted to move beyond Traditional Chess because there was no more excitement to it or because the conflict seemed too extrapolated from its battle roots, come experience this combat oriented chess game. Cheer the bludgeoning of the King!

A variation on the theme of chess, where you move and check the same as traditional chess, but you may move through your own ranks, carry pieces, fight for squares (with dice and statistic sheet) and MORE!

  • Fight for the square
  • Send in reinforcements to help in a battle
  • Use normal chess movements; use normal chess check
  • Move your pieces through your own occupied squares
  • Strike at the king until he is killed
  • The health of each piece can change throughout the game
  • Develop new strategies; alter old strategies
  • Carrying, healing, armor and optional rules

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