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Pieces & Boards

Fantasy Chess® Boardgames

Fantasy Chess can be played with Fantasy Chess counter-tiles on paper chessboard.

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The values shown represent Strength/Dexterity/Armor.

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Fantasy Chess Miniatures Boardgames

Here are some examples of creating your own Fantasy Chess set using your own miniatures.

fantasy chess set example

Example of three Fantasy Chess Army boxes.  

Below are examples of prototype set of standard Fantasy Chess pieces with miniatures.  These are for 25mm Tournament Play.  The "25mm" refers to the scale of the miniature figure.  You are encouraged to display your own figures on your sets.  Fantasy Chess sets are sold without miniatures.  Those miniatures in the photos are from the developer's own collection for example purposes.


Gold Dwarven Army


Black Orc Army

FC Base w  figs

Example of Fantasy Chess bases with figures on them.  These figures are from the developer's own collection and are not for sale.

FC Base Colors no white

Here are some Fantasy Chess base colors.

IMG 4224

32" Fantasy Chess felt mat colors.

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Zombie Chess

Zombie Chess is in the development stage.  The 15mm miniatures used in Zombie Chess have been provided by Rebel Minis and painted in house.  This section will be updated as things progress.

Survivor Back Row   Survivor Backrow

Survivor Pawns        SurvivorPawns

Zombie King Back Row ZombieBackrow

Zombie King pawns      Zombie Pawns


Here is an example of the Alpha version Mini Fantasy Chess pieces and board.  These are for 15mm Tournament Play.


Silver Goblin & Green Aztec Armies.

How to make your own 
Fantasy Chess Chess Sets:

Why two sizes of boards?  Some people have 15mm or 25mm figures already.  Some like the greater impact that 25mm presents.  Some like the way a 15mm fits in a lunchbox with its mat.  Its a matter of preference.

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